Flood damage and incompetence

26 10 2010

MCOT reports that the Abhisit Vejjajiva government has “endorsed a budget of more than three billion baht (US$100 million) for flood victims with each household to receive about 5,000 baht.” That money will be “distributed to over 581,000 households and about Bt300 million will be given to the Interior Minister…”. The report states that the “money will be handed out to the flood victims in the 3-5 days following the November 1 economic ministers meeting via Government Savings Bank and Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Co-Operatives offices.”

PPT is not made up of disaster relief experts. However, we would question this strategy and the thinking underpinning it. Handing out money to flood victims is, at best, an indication of the government being overwhelmed by the situation and deciding simply to throw money at it. But that mean poor targeting, a failure to consider variable needs, and is open to corrupt practices. At worst, it is a kind of “vote buying” in the sense that the government is more worried about the political implications of its failure to adequately deal with the flood crisis and seeking a way to stem the political fallout.

Whatever the reasons for such a policy, it is clear that the Abhisit government is seriously incompetent.



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