Covering up, blaming everyone else

28 10 2010

On 23 October, when examining the manner in which the Democrat Party, its leaders and the Constitutional Court were burying the true nature of the video evidence of apparent actions to (further) corrupt the judiciary, PPT predicted: “By the beginning of next week, the story may well be the hunt for those ‘criminals’ who shot and posted the videos of the judges and Democrat Party organizing a court decision of national significance.”

Unfortunately, PPT has been proven correct.

The latest report in the Bangkok Post illustrates just how the burying of the allegations has taken place, under a maze of counter-allegations and the use of the police to blur the true nature of the allegations, replacing them with a search for “criminals” who made secret video tapes. The report says that “Crime Suppression Division police investigators are preparing a case to support an application for arrest warrants for people who were involved in the making and release of video clips involving the Constitution Court’s handling of the dissolution trial of the Democrat Party for alleged misuse of a political party development fund…”.

The police appear to accept all Democrat Party claims regarding a set-up, without examining how it is – even accepting this claim – that senior Democrat Party officials could be “set up.” Hence the police say “Pasit Sakdanarong, the sacked former secretary to Supreme Court president Chat Chonlaworn, might have violated Article 198 of the Criminal Code, for contempt of court and obstructing court procedure…. They want to know how he was involved and who else were responsible for the shooting and release of the five video clips posted on YouTube, which was at violation of the Computer Crimes Act…”. It is not stated how these clips offend the Act. The only way would be to accept Democrat Party claims, except for a claim that “audio on the clip showing Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda at a function, in particular, had clearly been clearly falsified.” It is pretty clear that the palace is pushing this case as well, trying to prevent claims that it is (again) involved in shady deals with the judiciary.

The political police claim that “many people were involved in the release of the five video clips” and they appear keen to sheet home these allegations to opposition Puea Thai Party politicians as well.

It seems the police and Democrat Party are working together in these actions: “A Democrat Party source said yesterday the videos were found to have been uploaded to the YouTube website from a location in Hong Kong at 10pm on Oct 15. A police source told the Bangkok Post yesterday that a person in Thailand downloaded and disseminated the videos through emails soon after they were uploaded. Police have identified the person who downloaded the videos and taken legal action against him, although they refused yesterday to reveal his identity.”

To further bury the real allegations and foreground the Democrat Party counterclaims, the “Information and Communication Technology Ministry has asked to seek a court order banning showing of the clips…”.

The clear discourse is cover-up.




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28 10 2010
28 10 2010
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