DSI releases “details” of its “investigations”

17 11 2010

The Bangkok Post headline for its story on the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) report on its so-called initial investigation – 6 months in the making – “into the deaths of 89 people during the April-May riots…” is “DSI links red shirts to killings. Agency finds protesters responsible for deaths” and its nternet story heading is: “UDD Blamed.”

This is yet another example of the curious bias in the mainstream media. Why are they “riots”? At the time of the army crackdowns in April and May, neither demonstration could have been called a “riot.”  Why just 18 results released and why are these all apparently related to red shirt “activity”? Why doesn’t the Post ask serious questions of DSI and the government?

The investigation by DSI is said to be “into the deaths of 89 people.” What happened to at least 3 other deaths widely reported. Many media reports say 92 were  killed and the Post even published the details of the 90th and 91st victims some time ago. It says in this report: “Ninety-two people were killed in the unrest, but the DSI is investigating only 89 cases. Suspects have been arrested in the case of two of the other fatalities and the third fatality occurred after the DSI began its inquiries.” Is that at all logical?

The DSI is said to have “completed its inquiries into 18 cases so far and concluded that 12 people were killed by members of the red shirt United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) and its support militia, DSI chief Tharit Pengdit said. They included Col Romklao Thuwatham, former deputy chief-of-staff of the 2nd Infantry Regiment, Sgt Anuphon Hommalee, Cpl Anuphong Muang-amphan, Pvt Phuriwat Praphan and Pvt Singha Onsong. The six other victims were killed by unknown gunmen. The DSI could not identify whether they were gunned down by members of the UDD, unidentified militants or the government’s security forces…”. Those 6 cases include: “Japanese cameraman Hiroyuki Muramoto; Pvt Narongrit Sala, who was shot dead during clashes on Vipavadi Rangsit Road; Mana Atran, who was shot at Dusit Zoo; and the bodies of three dead people found inside Wat Pathum Wanaram.”

Is there a pattern here? Only so-called UDD responsibility can be determined (and how is that done?) but not for others? Is anyone going to be able to take any DSI report seriously?



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