Pravit on film censorship

18 11 2010

Prachatai English has posted an extended version of Pravit Rojanaphruk’s latest article for the nation. Thai censors, it appears, are casting their nets beyond material which relates to the monarchy and other powerful, influential figures in Thailand. “Insects in the Backyard,” a new film by Tavarin Sukhapisit has been banned because it might harm “public order or morals.” The film is about a tranvestite father.

Pravit comments that “Like Singapore, Thailand wants to be a nanny state. Be it intentional or not, many citizens end up becoming “eternal children”, being told what political content they can or cannot read and, if they try to read or watch what they’re not supposed to, they might end up in jail. Also part and parcel of this censorship mentality is that these children of the state need to be fed “correct” information and values.”

PPT has viewed the trailer. The film looks elegant, beautiful, and challenging — precisely what art is meant to be. As for the censors, PPT wishes to remind them that even children rebel, dissent, and replace the parents one day.

Read the article and see the trailer here.



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