Abhisit puts on a brave face

28 11 2010

Last month, PPT commented about the charges threatened or brought against flip-flop vendors who sell shoes with the prime minister’s face on them. PPT was concerned that a National Human Rights Commissioner was classifying the selling of the flip-flops as a violation of Abhisit’s rights and humanity, while there was relative silence about the rights and humanity of the protestors who were killed at Ratchaprasong and other locations during the violence of April-May 2010.

Not to worry. As reported by เดลินิวส์ and translated by Prachatai,  Abhisit himself has indicated that he is willing to take one for the team:

‘Those who want to put their feet on my face just go ahead.  That’s an offence against an individual, against me.  I will not sue.  I will take it.  It has to be dealt with in this way to bring society back to normal law enforcement as far as possible,”

Generous of him.




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