Suriyasai on red shirts

30 11 2010

People’s Alliance for Democracy leader Suriyasai Katasila is cited by Prachatai in a translation of an interview he gave to the Post Today. PPT was struck by his response to the claim by red shirts that PAD is “well-connected.” He responds:

‘That’s because those who support us reckon that we are loyal [to the monarchy], never challenging the Ammat like the red shirts do, like throwing stones at [Gen Prem’s Si Sao Thewes] residence, ridiculing someone’s sexuality, and cruelly violating other people’s human dignity. […] So [the red shirts] have to bear the fact that one day the Ammat will strike back, because everyone has to protect oneself, no matter if one is rich or poor, high or low, Prai or Ammat, and that’s human instinct.’

Throwing rocks and insults results in death an injuries to hundreds. The amart, palace and privy councilors play hard and tough! They have the guns.

Suriyasai also raises an old specter that will worry the amart when he says:

‘If the genuine reds liberate themselves from Thaksin, this can be a rebirth of the red shirts, and they can eventually join hands with the PAD.  All 5 core leaders of the PAD have always had this idea.  Mr Sondhi has said in numerous interviews that he never sees the red shirts as enemies.  Uncle Chamlong [Srimuang] has also said so.  [The PAD and the red shirts] share the same views, particularly on the issues of double standards and injustice.’

The falling out between PAD, Abhisit and the Democrat Party may be indicative of a failure of the amart to deal with political mobilization.



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