Abhisit and repressing red shirts

6 12 2010

Regular readers may recall two posts at PPT that mentioned Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s displays of “liberalism” and “opposition” to hard line repression. One related to Abhisit’s apparent rejection of bans on red shirt paraphernalia, including flip-flops that had his face on them. The second was about Abhisit summoning two of three red shirts released on bail to meet him.

On the latter, at the time, PPT stated that the photo opportunity was “meant to make Abhisit look like a big shot who cares about these red shirts who have languished in prison. In fact, Abhisit and his regime are the ones responsible for their predicament. As PPT has shown several times, many of these detainees have been arrested on fabricated charges and have been kept in very poor conditions. Being the ‘big shot who cares’ reinforces some of the worst elements of Thailand’s hierarchical power structure.” We also noted in another post that the government was still stalking and arresting red shirts.

Thus it comes as no surprise to learn at Prachatai that a “provincial court in Mukdahan has denied bail requests from 19 red shirts remaining in detention, including some who are ill and a student, on the grounds that their alleged offences carry severe penalties and they might flee.” That some of the red shirts are in poor health and that a “team of volunteer lawyers for the red shirts … submit bail requests with assets worth 2.4 million baht as guarantee…” made no difference.

The court did agree to “speed up” the legal process. The detainees have been in custody for months – some from May. Their “speedy” court appearance will now be in January 2011. PPT suspects that they will be detained throughout the proceedings. Their punishment before trial and the undoubted conviction that will follow are meant as lessons to all who feel the need to rebel against the regime and its powerful backers.

So much for Abhisit’s alleged liberalism. Welcome to the world of authoritarian Thailand. In fact, Abhisit has demonstrated that he is determined to crush red shirt opposition in order to defend regime and ruling class.



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6 12 2010
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