Sombat and the military’s crap

6 12 2010

In a kind of follow-up to our earlier post on Thida Tawornsate Tojirakarn, red shirts and the monarchy, this post uses The Nation’s report on Sombat Boonngamanong’s postponed political talk show “Won Non Kuk” (Asking to Stay in Jail).

Sombat is said to have “lampooned the government, the military, the yellow shirts…”. He criticized the 2006 military coup, the junta’s 2007 constitution as well as “the authorities’ crackdown on red-shirt protesters in May, legal action against people suspected of involvement in arson and riots after the protest was dispersed, and inquiries by the Department of Special Investigation.” Just to fill out the list, he “lamented social injustice and the supposed “double standards” endured by the red shirts.”

PPT isn’t sure why The Nation thinks double standards are “supposed.” We thought they were crystal clear.

During his show, it is reported that “Sombat likened the coup-makers to bandits and the post-coup charter to their faeces.” His said to have added: “They robbed our house and they left their excrement in the middle of the house. Then they forced the house owners to take good care of their waste…”. Like the audience, PPT is chuckling and agreeing with his point.

Sombat also read a democracy poem by still-incarcerated political prisoner and red-shirt leader Nattawut Saikua and was said to have praised the administration led by Thaksin Shinawatra.



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