With several updates: Finding Wikileaks and the effort to destroy it

7 12 2010

For those having trouble getting to Wikileaks, look here for tips and links. Also here.

PPT’s posts on Wikileaks and Thailand are here and here.

For some general coverage of the current situation facing Wikileaks and its founder, see this story and this.

Update 1: Readers may find this Atlantic Monthly article useful.

Update 2: It is reported at the BBC (and many other sources) that British police have arrested Julian Assange. In many ways, Wikileaks – how did he get so many cables? – is reflective of a broader move by states worldwide to get greater control of the cyber-community. His arrest suggests a concerted campaign to stop the leaks. We trust this fails. Access to information about all governments, especially those that are prone to authoritarianism, censorship, lying and cover-ups, is critical for human rights and democratic development. Read Umberto Eco on Wikileaks here. The destruction of Wikileaks will be a triumph for censors everywhere.

Further updates: More on the charges in Sweden. Note that Amazon, PayPal, Visa and others have all jumped aboard with the censors.  Asia Sentinel on Wikileaks and Americans is worth reading as is this article in Counterpunch, noting the coming together of the establishment – so-called liberals included – to oppose Wikileaks. The last time this happened was to support George W. Bush in going to war against Iraq.



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