The Democrat Party gets off (again)

9 12 2010

As suggested by many, the second Constitutional Court case was no great threat to the Democrat Party. Even so, the  Bangkok Post report that the case was dropped on a technicality is still a surprise for the fact that it was done so quickly. The Post reports the “Constitution Court on Thursday decided, by a 4:3 majority, to drop a case seeking the dissolution of the ruling Democrat Party accused of unlawfully receiving a 258 million baht donation from cement giant TPI Polene Plc in 2005.  The court dismissed the case on the grounds that the process of filing the case with the Office of the Attorney General seeking the dissolution of the Democrat Party was procedurally incorrect and unlawful.”

Chuan Leekpai is again all smiles (from the Bangkok Post)

The four judges who voted to drop they case are Jaran Pakdithanakul, Jaroon Inthacharn, Nurak Mapraneet and Supoj Khaimuk.  The three minority judges are Chat Cholaworn, Boonsong Kulbuppha and Udomsak Nitimontree.

This is the second case dismissed on a technicality. Double standards? Pravit’s failed state scenario? Whatever the diagnosis, the twin decisions will be seen by many as politically charged and evidence of the way that the judiciary works for the establishment.



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