Updates on lese majeste and flip-flops

26 01 2011

Prachatai has posted to important updates on recent cases:

The first update involves the lese majeste by SMS case against Ampol Tangnopakul who has once again been denied bail “by the Appeals Court after he was indicted and sent to Bangkok Remand Prison last week.” Ampol has been held without bail since early August. Ampol denies that he is able to send any messages.

The second update relates to the ludicrous charges laid against a flip-flop seller “who was arrested and charged with selling flip-plops bearing the picture of the Prime Minister’s face in October last year…”to red shirts. The case has been dropped “on grounds of insufficient evidence.” Perhaps the prosecutor might have also said that the case was based on an illegal charge in that the seller was charged ubder the emergency decree in an area where the decree had already been lifted.



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