It’s all Cambodia’s fault!

5 02 2011

A reader points out that the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs blames the recent skirmish on Cambodia. Here’s its statement:

On 4 February 2011, at 15.20 hrs., Cambodian troops opened fire at a Thai military base at Phu Ma Khua in Thai territory using mortars, rocket propelled grenades and recoilless rifles. At 16.20 hrs. of the same day, Cambodian troops also opened fire from the area of the Temple of Phra Viharn at a Thai military base at Pha Mor I Dang in Thai territory. In between the two incidents, several artillery shells were also fired by Cambodian troops into Phum Srol village in Si Sa Ket Province of Thailand located around five kilometres away from the border area.

The incidents led to one Thai civilian casualty, six injured military personnel and severe damage to seven civilian houses. Moreover, three thousand civilians residing along the border area had to be evacuated.

The attack carried out by the Cambodian troops constituted an act of aggression and a clear violation of the Thai sovereignty and territorial integrity.  Thai troops were left with no choice but to exercise the inherent right of self-defence in accordance with international law.
While Thailand reaffirms its commitment to resolve boundary dispute through peaceful means, it reserves its legitimate right to defend its sovereignty.

PPT can hear the sound of jangling sabers: “an act of aggression and a clear violation of the Thai sovereignty and territorial integrity…”. See our earlier post for more.

The MFA is not as bellicose as the PAD warriors. Chamlong Srimuang is cited in the Bangkok Post urging a fight and saying that deaths don’t matter: “In previous times, (soldiers) had to fight as it was important to protect Thai soil. Don’t fear that soldiers will die. All soldiers know that dying on duty is possible. (Anyone) afraid of wars should not have become soldiers.” He said this while calling for Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva to be replaced as premier.



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6 02 2011
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