Further updated: Border clash, truce, clash

6 02 2011

A reader sent us a link to a Xinhua story from the Cambodian side of the border. VOA also has a useful report, as does the Phnom Penh Post. All are worth a read as they add insight to the broader story. And, they are worth comparing with Thai General Prayuth Chan-ocha’s comments cited at Bangkok Pundit. Who is telling the truth? The Chinese have excellent links in Cambodia.

The Thai Report continues its coverage with video and other links. The Bangkok Post tells us that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is trying to regain some control although the army seems able to do pretty much whatever it wants. The report then adds: “It was reported that Mr Abhisit was resting at his Bangkok residence amid tight security.” Not sure what is significant here? That he needs a nap after a cabinet meeting and during a crisis or that he feels the need for huge security.

MCOT News reports that a ceasefire has been negotiated as The Nation reports 6 dead in the clashes and has the Thai military’s position stated. PPT has great difficulty believing the army when it is inveterate liar Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd making the official statements.

Update (6 Feb): More talk of truce after clashes on the border continue.

Update (7 Feb): Emailed reports suggest that the “border skirmish” is extending along the border, with some claims of shelling in Ubol province. Whether true or not, a quick look at the media today suggests that the saber-rattling has ended and that a real war is getting much more likely.



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