Lese majeste goes international

10 02 2011

The following is from a red shirt blog in the U.S. and was forwarded by a reader. If accurate, it indicates that investigations on lese majeste and into red shirt activity are being conducted internationally by the Abhisit Vejjajiva government. As the comments at the blog suggest, this kind of “consular activity” may be illegal and could violate rights.

Constitutional Rights Violations by the Thai Mafia Diplomat on the U.S. Soil

This story had just recently happened. On the late morning of Monday, February 7, 2011, local time in Los Angeles, USA, Mr. Komkrich Chongbunwatana, a Thai Consulate from Royal Thai Embassy, as seen from the enclosed business card, spontaneously appeared in front of a small apartment and inquired about one of the Red-Shirt members who has been residing in the USA without setting up any prior appointments or notices. He, himself, claimed that he was an officer from the Thai’s Department of Special Investigation, ( DSI.)

However, the business card given turned out to display of his genuine place of employment, which is the Royal Thai Consulate in Los Angeles.

The objective of his visit, based on what he informed this head of the household, was that he had been acting on the behalf of the DSI’s executive order by informing that the DSI officials will be traveling to Los Angeles, in order to interview and investigate Mr. Jakrapob Penkair’s case. The Consul requested this individual to travel to the Royal Thai Consulate’s office in Los Angeles when the DSI officers arrive next month. He also stated that this individual could bring anyone with him.

The strangest thing that puzzled everyone was how this Consul, who claimed that he was from DSI, knew about this Red-shirt individual’s name and the address.

After 30-40 minutes of conversation between an uninvited guest and the Red-shirt individual currently rents this small apartment, had been circling on the topics of Mr. Jakrapob Penkair’s speech that was delivered in the United States. Some of the questions involved were regarding to the event’s promoter, the sources of the capital and expenditures, the audiences, the contents in Mr. Jakrapob’s speeches, and of course, any Lèse Majesté contents in the speech, etc.

After discussing for over several minutes, that Red-Shirt individual decided to vent on the injustices and double standard practices by the aristocrats and the Thai’s administration. However, Consul Komkrich continued listening pleasantly without revealing his big pile of documentation that he had been carrying regarding what types of documents they were or why he carried them or whether they were real documents but had the tape recording surveillance hidden underneath.

If that Red-shirt individual had no job, this conversation (or the correct definition of interrogation) should be longer than expected.

The story of Mr. Jakrapob’s speech in Los Angeles happened over several years ago. Why do they presently need to interview and investigate the Red-Shirt individuals who are living in the USA?

Has the Red-shirt movement in the USA been growing better and stronger on the daily basis, until the aristocrats and the Thai tyrannical administration could no longer bear? If the Red-Shirt movements have not been eliminated since they are little, they will definitely become major obstacles for the aristocrats in the near future.

The recent overseas travel of MP Sunai Julaponsathorn from Pua Thai political party, in order to deliver his speeches at several major cities in the United States, by having the Red-Shirts members in Los Angeles became a centralized location for the main event titled, “Eye-opening in the USA,” was undoubtedly proven that the Red-shirt movements in various cities around the USA were truly harmonized. They exchanged their data and information and had efficient ways of creating effective communications and they were ready to unite themselves in order to encounter the tyrannical strengths of the dictatorial nobles.

This must be the reason why they decided to resurrect Mr. Jakrapob Penkair’s story in order to intimidate the Red-Shirt movement in the USA.

However, no matter what the hidden agenda might be, please contact Consul Komkrich Chongbunwatana at telephone number (323) 610-1752 whether Mr. Tarit Pengdit, the DSI Director-General, will conduct his own investigation.



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10 02 2011
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