Truth and the Battle for Bangkok

14 02 2011

Andrew Marshall at Reuters has a long blog post – Reclaiming the truth in Thailand – that warrants careful reading. Prompted in part by the Amsterdam & Peroff report to the International Criminal Court, Marshall pieces together some questions and cases that demand investigation and explanation. He concludes:

The list of themes provided here is by no means exhaustive, but it provides some starting points for a collective effort to reclaim the facts. If the authorities want to dispel doubts and conspiracy theories, they could do so by being fully transparent on these issues. If they cannot or will not disclose what they know, the real narrative of those months can still be uncovered, if those with information that sheds light on the unanswered questions of the Bangkok violence share it with others who are also seeking the truth. However big or small each individual’s contribution, it can be cross-checked against others and pieced together so that together we can eventually write the true history of April and May 2010. And that can only be positive for Thailand.

Marshall’s detailed account, with numerous links throughout, deserves attention.



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