Updated: Amsterdam speaks to red shirt rally

15 02 2011

On Sunday, Robert Amsterdam addressed rallying red shirts in Bangkok. He has posted his speech at his blog. Some excerpts:

I am honored to work with you to bring down a regime that tries to murder, imprison, and censor its way out of heeding the people’s cries for democracy. I am honored to work with you to take down a government that finds it easier to kill children, nurses, and journalists than to accept the result of an election. I am honored to work with you to tear down an ideology that celebrates injustice, impunity, and inequality, or knock down a system that puts the worst, most evil men in power and has the audacity to call them “good.”

I would love to be able to promise you the success of every initiative we undertake on your behalf. But all I can promise you is this. So long as this government is in office, we will fight it every step of the way.

Our team understands very clearly that getting the ICC to act on our application is extremely difficult, as the ICC remains consumed by a series of cases where literally millions died…. [I]t must be acknowledged that the odds that the case will be taken up by the ICC are low.

… [T]his week we will commence a campaign to throw the Thai Democratic Party [Democrat Party] out of an organization called the Liberal International. Not just because they sponsor internet censorship or tow refugees out to sea, but because they cover up crimes against humanity.

Let’s not let the “ammart” get away with murder again— not this time. Let’s end impunity— once and for all. Let’s not allow Prayuth [Chan-ocha] and the Army to control the future of Thailand. The future belongs to you!

Amsterdam seems to have become exceptionally committed to the red shirt cause and speaks with great passion. While PPT understands this reaction to the injustices that have been inflicted on the red shirts, we do wonder about this kind of campaigning. After all, his legal and media skills and international profile would seem to be of most value to the red shirts.

Update: Thanks to The Thai Report, PPT found this link to a set of pictures from the red shirt rally on Sunday.





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