Updated: The poor protest

16 02 2011

Yesterday PPT posted on the expansion of protests in Bangkok. In the Bangkok Post, it is reported that an “alliance of thousands of poor people began a protest in front of the parliament on Wednesday, demanding earnest implementation of the government’s pro-poor agenda policy before politicians become pre-occupied with election campaigning.”

Urban and rural poor are said to have “converged on Bangkok today, joining 300 villagers from Chaiyaphum, Ubon Ratchathani and Buri Ram who have already been camping in front of the Forestry Industry Organisation (FIO) for nearly two weeks.” They vowed to “stay put until the politicians really do something.”

Bangkok Post photo

Referring to the gabfest that has gone on about “reducing social inequality and reforming this and that” from the government the poor claim to have seen little in real terms.

As an example, the article states that there are some “900 criminal and civil lawsuits were filed against the urban and rural poor in land disputes, mostly by state agencies.” It is claimed that the Abhisit Vejjajiva “administration has only offered sweet talk to calm us or appease us temporarily without seriously solving our life and death problem…”.

Update: The Nation includes this useful map of protests:

From The Nation



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