Policing for a monarchy that requires protection

19 02 2011

A reader sent us this link to Pattaya People, headlined “King’s Protection Volunteers.” This link provides a useful follow-up to a New Mandala post earlier this week that had considerable detail, including the Ministry of Interior’s order to form these “King’s Protection Volunteers” nationally.

It seems that in the heart of red shirt activism on the Eastern Seaboard, the local officials are springing into action, with this short report:

On Friday morning at the Banglamung District Station [Amphur Office?], the District Sheriff [PPT thinks this could be the Nai Amphur, although this term has been used for Kamnan in the distant past] Mr. Mongkon Tamgittikoon hosted a meeting to talk with the groups sponsored by the Station, including the Housewives Volunteers, the Civilian Volunteers etc. The gathering was to introduce a new group, which will be named the King’s Protection Volunteers. This new assembly will focus on protecting the main institutions of the Thailand, which are the Nation, the Buddhist Religion and the Royal Family, especially HM the King and HM the Queen.

The Ministry of the Interior has been focused on this matter for a long time, and has decided to involve people in this mission. 30 provinces will be recruited to protect the nation’s institutions.

This is a great opportunity for people to show their loyalty to their country, especially during the period of 83th Birthday of HM the King Bhumibol…. The Ministry hopes to unify Thailand, which has many different thoughts and beliefs, into one to nation with freedom for all.

The same source has another story on a police event to protect the monarchy. It is also worth citing in full, including the comment that appears inadvertently left in the report and refers to this as “weird”:

On Thursday morning at Pattaya City Hall, the National Institutes Protection By House Police Volunteers Training Program was held by the Central Chonburi Police supervised by the Superintendent of Central Police Pol. Col. Gittipat Pongpanut to train many volunteers from the Pattaya City area to be able to protect their National Institutions which are, the Unity of Nation, the Buddhist Religion and Royal Family.

The training program was held in 3 classes at which the total of 1,929 trainees of the police represented every police station in the area of Pattaya to be ready to protect their King and Kingdom.

(Weird news unlike the one on Sat, 12th… this is the best I could do… as it is very confusing about the classes) YOU SAID IT!!

We assume this is part of an on-going celebration of the 83rd birthday, for the king is now headed to his 84th. PPT has to wonder if people take this kind of thing seriously and, if they do, whether ham-fisted efforts to “protect” the monarchy and related bits of state ideology are counter-productive, revealing an inherent weakness in the amart’s ideology.

More significantly, PPT wonders if this new group is another way of recruiting “volunteers” for a possible election campaign where we have no doubt the Ministry of Interior will pull out all stops to ensure the election of the current royalist coalition led by Abhisit Vejjajiva.



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