With a major update: War not peace

20 02 2011

The ultra-nationalist, royalist right-wing represented by the People’s Alliance for Democracy, the Thai Patriot Network and the New Politics Party are essentially calling for more war with Cambodia. These groups oppose the current government’s ceasefire because it poses a “threat” to “Thai territory.” PAD called the truce “dangerous.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva was opposed to peace. In a clear statement of the realities of Thai politics, the army negotiated a truce themselves.

Update 1: This perspective from Cambodia on the truce is worth reading.

Update 2: To get an idea of the scrambling that the Abhisit government is engaged in while dealing with the seemingly independent army, see the story in the Bangkok Post headlined “PM denies truce signed.” Struggling to deal with his ultra-nationalist allies-cum-opponents and the uncontrolled military, Abhisit “denies a ceasefire agreement has been signed with Cambodia.” This is despite the military’s statements, widely reported in the media domestically and internationally.


He means a comprehensive treaty while the military has negotiated a truce. It seems that Abhisit is not consulted by the military and has little idea what is actually happening. That’s the logical result when you are the little brother in a relationship with the military and palace.


Meanwhile, the completely hopeless Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya “said yesterday the proposed permanent ceasefire was unnecessary.”

The Post states that a “delegation led by army chief-of-staff Daopong Rattanasuwan was reported on Saturday to have signed a ceasefire agreement with Phnom Penh, whose team was headed by deputy army commander Hun Manet, the son of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen.”

Kasit, like his premier, had to deny this: ” Kasit insisted the meeting on Saturday was not about negotiations.  It was merely a discussion between military authorities and the results would be referred to higher authorities for a decision on what next step to take.  The minister said no agreement had been reached and there were no binding effects from the talks.”

Remember that it is PAD and the TPN that wants no truce. Kasit and Abhisit seems to be pandering to the jingoists or are in that camp themselves. Whatever the case, the government seems well out of the loop on the military’s actions.

They are playing catch-up with a military that seems to be deliberately demonstrating the hopelessness of the current government.



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