MICT on the international warpath

21 02 2011

Usually PPT doesn’t just re-post items from other sites, but this time we feel compelled to lift this piece from 2bangkok.com:

Here’s the text that goes with it:

MICT booklet explaining Thai internet laws: We can get you wherever you are on earth – February 22, 2011
The page reads: Michael: Does everyone know that the bill regulating computer crimes is subject to penalize the wrongdoer outside the Kingdom of Thailand as well? If there is anyone who starts a website outside the country to distribute information disgracing the monarchy, destroying the security of the juristic system or generating fear among Thai people, the wrongdoer will be persecuted by law and receive penalties inside the Kingdom of Thailand.

There was some debate about this a while ago in various places, but it now seems clear that the laws really do have international impacts and that the regime is trying to silence critics worldwide. Readers might find our earlier post of interest.

It seems that the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology is warning Thais overseas – it is in Thai after all – but the truly chilling aspect of this is the idea that snoops and snitches play a role in hunting down all those who do not recognize regime propaganda as truth and attempt to portray a different picture of royalist Thailand under a military-backed regime.



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21 02 2011
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