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24 02 2011

Asia Provocateur is a new page at that features Andrew Spooner.Andrew has guest blogged at Asian Correspondent’s Siam Voices previously. His first post features a part of an interview with current Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij. PPT’s reader will find Andrew’s work of great interest.

The profile at the blog says that Andrew:

is a London-based journalist, academic and consultant who comments on all things Thailand from a democratic and left-wing perspective. Having first visited southeast Asia in 1989, Andrew now spends several months a year in the region and has worked for, amongst others, Sky News (UK), Guardian, Independent and CNN Traveller ,as well as authoring several travel guidebooks for Footprint Books. A prolific tweeter who previously blogged at the short-lived Thai Politico, Andrew is also part of the Siam Voices collective here on Asia Correspondent. Under the title Asia Provocateur Andrew will attempt to foment debate on some of Thailand’s most pressing issues by interviewing key players from – and producing fresh insights into – one of Asia’s most intriguing nations.



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25 02 2011
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27 02 2011
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