Outdoing the Thai Patriot Network

24 02 2011

Readers might remember that in December Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva sent one of his Democrat Party members with the ultra-nationalist Thai Patriot Network to look around the border, and over it.

When they were arrested inside Cambodia, Abhisit tried to distance himself from the border crossers. Since then, however, Abhisit has become increasingly and stridently nationalist. Perhaps Democrat Party polling is indicating that untra-nationalism and threatening war carries some weight.

Now the Bangkok Post tells us that Abhisit is outdoing the TPN. Blustering and shaking a sword, he has declared that “Thailand is prepared to strike with full force against Cambodia if it continues to violate Thai sovereignty.” There’s no evidence that Cambodia has “violated” Thai sovereignty any more than Thailand and Thais have violated Cambodian sovereignty.

The army's real task: coups and repression

It is no surprise that “Abhisit insisted yesterday that Thailand had the right to act against Cambodia – and he has the staunch backing of the army.” Abhisit adds “There isn’t any agreement [for Indonesia to send observers] that leaves us unable to protect our sovereignty…. If [Cambodia] provokes [future] clashes, we have the right to launch a full retaliatory attack.”

Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha said “there would be no withdrawal of troops.”Thai forces remained in position in the disputed 4.6-square-kilometre border zone.”

Abhisit has now taken on every feature associated with the extreme royalist right-wing. That’s dangerous for Thais and Thailand (see here for an account of yellow madness).



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