BBC on red shirts, lese majeste and media

2 03 2011

What Can I Say? has come to Thailand to discuss media freedom and censorship in Thailand. Here’s a bit of the blurb: “In Thailand, what part have illegal community radio stations had to play in the demonstrations by activists – red-shirt or yellow-shirt – that occupy opposite ends of the political spectrum?”

PPT has listened to the show and it is worth considering for all kinds of reasons, not least for the identification of Thaksin as a former president and the awful rendering of Thai names and places. Kavi Chongkittavorn is interviewed and sounds like he works for something other than The Nation…. The comments of Sulak Sivaraksa are characteristically challenging on race, ethnicity and the monarchy. The discussion on community radio is fascinating for interviews with red and yellow broadcasters.

Do take the time to listen to the 23-minute episode.



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