DSI and “botched” investigations

3 03 2011

The Bangkok Post reports Police Major General Amnuay Nimmano of the Metropolitan Police Bureau as having “slammed the Department of Special Investigation for what he termed a ‘botched’ investigation into the deaths at last year’s anti-government protests.” He said: “Simply put, it’s a botched job…”.

The policeman claimed that the “DSI’s assumption that 13 of 91 people could have been killed by soldiers during the clash on April 10 last year between red shirt supporters and government forces was groundless.” He revealed that the DSI is trying to “take the cases back” from the police and that the latter are conducting their own investigation.

Meanwhile, DSI chief Tharit Pengdit and former police forensic science chief Amporn Jarujinda were briefly interviewed in the Bangkok Post a couple of days ago. The interview is worth reading as they “confirm” that Reuters cameraman Hiroyuki Muramoto was killed on 10 April 2010 by a  7.62mm bullet. Some excerpts:

Why did it take almost a year to determine the type of firearms?

Pol Lt Gen Amporn: I don’t know. I figured it out in an hour.

Amporn claims remarkable capacity, so the reporter must have wondered why he didn’t make the “revelation” earlier. The response:

Why was Pol Lt Gen Amporn’s report not included in the first investigative report?

Mr Tharit: This is because the examination of the wound patterns took place after the DSI sent the report to the bureau.

Why did it take so long?

Mr Tharit: We just invited Pol Lt Gen Amporn to take part in the process because his contribution would make the investigation more thorough and comprehensive.

Doesn’t that sound just a little like seeking an “expert” to provide the “evidence” required? Then this:

What about the other victims? Were they killed by the same type of bullet?

Pol Lt Gen Amporn: Those are smaller wounds, as far as I remember.

This appears to mean that only the Japanese journalist was killed with this caliber bullet. That would seem unlikely but this is adding to the policeman’s claim above. For PPT, “bungling” seems the wrong word. It seems like DSI is concocting the story.



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