An appeal for justice

12 03 2011

PPT has received this open letter:

March 10, 2011

An Appeal for Justice:

An Open Letter to the People of Thailand and Their Representatives:

Ever since the military coup of September 19, 2006 that overthrew the legitimate government of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra whose Thai Rak Thai Party was overwhelmingly elected into office.

Thailand now ruled by Dictatorial Power of Autocracy and Oligarchy.

The group of these ruling elite has been lying and distorting facts, claiming that Thailand is a democratic state.   They were brutal.  They used every tools in their disposals, including Military, Judicial,  and ‘Independent Bodies’ whose mandate is to be fair and impartial, destroying the governments elected by the people.

They used the military and its apparatus to force MPs to switch side.  And helped forming the current Thai government of Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva which literally can be said was born from the military womb.

Once the people learnt of the truth, they came out en-masse to protect their rights. Under the banner of United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship or UDD, they demanded the return of power to the people through electoral process, demanding ‘no political interference’ from hidden power or ‘Invisible Hands’, and Privy Council.

What they got in return were bullets in the heads in 2009 and 2010!

During 10 April to 19 May 2010, the ruling elite used military force (tanks and snipers) to disperse the demonstrators in Bangkok, resulted in 91 deaths, almost 2000 injuries, hundred missing.

Many local leaders of the UDD who survived the ‘Bangkok Massacre’ went home, some into hiding. There was news report of no less than 5 local leaders were assassinated.  Over 200 remained in jails on terrorism charge for exercising their Constitution Rights of peaceful assembly.

Those in jails seldom allowed to have bails, If bails were granted, amount was so large that beyond the means of many families and friends to provide.

Now Thailand behaves as a 3rd rate nation.

People who agreed or supported the ideal of democracy or against the political interference of Thai politics from ‘Outsider’ by expressing their views in public were harass, intimidated and/or charged with Les Majeste (LM) under Criminal Law 112.

Any citizens of the world can see the oddness of this law.   Everyone can file the LM charge.  Once file, the authorities have to investigate and proceed with the charge.  If the authority refuses to do so may misconstrue as an act of disrespect and/or constitutes as violation of the LM itself.  So every LM accusations are taken seriously by the authorities.  Often it is used to stifle dissents and now more than ever becomes a political tool.

Cases of LM skyrocketed.  As of today, 5 more will be charged, and 39 more will be investigated.  The penalty is unusually harsh.  For each counts, the minimum penalty is 3 years, and maximum 15 years.  This penalty is much harsher than during the time of absolute monarchy!

No wonder Thailand is now divided.

The small ruling elite, in light of this awareness, seek to ignore.  The flame of injustice is still hotly burning.  How long can people take?

As concerned Thais, we are afraid that Thailand will be next in line for chaos and violent just like Libya should Thailand remains status quo.  Movement for Democracy is spreading.

To prevent this destructive path, we believe Thailand must change.  A sense of justice and fair play must be restored.

To achieve that end, we would like to propose the followings for your consideration:

1.  Campaign to reform Les Majeste Law.  Help free Khun Surachai Danwattananusorn and many others charged with Les Majeste.  Les Majeste Law shall not be used for any political purpose, gain, or to stifle dissents.  We believe the first step is to abolish Section 112 of the Criminal Law.  There are laws currently in the book such as Defamation is sufficient enough to protect the institution of Monarchy.

2.  We believe in healing the wound.  The first step must be to free all Political Prisoners and Prisoners of Conscience. This would include those arrested for demonstrations during the Emergency Decree.  Wound cannot be healed if victims still victimized.

3.  Truth and Reconciliation Commission has to be more effective, and impartial.  It is almost one year since the ‘Bangkok Massacre’ and the commission has not yet issue a single report.  Reconciliation and Forgiveness are very important— but truth must come first.  The perpetrators of murder have to be identified.  Should amnesties be considered, it must be made aware that this does not change the fact that overthrowing the government in a coup or shooting unarmed civilians is wrong and against the law.  We believe those responsible for the massacre during 10 April through 19 May 2010 should be brought to justice.

We understand that this undertaken is not easy, but necessary.  We also understand that this idea is not new in Thailand.  Many have done or making similar plea before us. We admire and applaud them and would like to follow their footsteps.

We wrote this letter to you, the People of Thailand as well as the representatives of the Thai People because we strongly believe that if Thailand is truly to be democratic and civilized, actions must come from you.

We the undersigned are committed to the course of justice.  We want to see a better Thailand.  We pledge to work together with friends around the world to help bring justice, peace, democracy, and prosperity to Thailand.

“If mind can conceive it, and your heart can believe it, we know you can achieve it”

Yours Truly,

Thai Red Australia, Red USA, แดงสังคมนิยม Sweden, Thai Red Japan, Red in Japan, แดงแนวร่วม Taiwan, แดงแนวร่วม Greek



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