Which minority holds Thailand hostage?

12 03 2011

In an interesting article in the Montreal Gazette on the re-energizing of red shirts, given impetus by events in the Arab world, is an interesting quote from the ever-acting government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn.

The elite’s acting spokesman states:

“We expect that in the next few months, when we have a new general election, the situation will return more and more to normalcy,” said government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn.

“It will take a few more years before we’re back fully. But in the meantime we need to make sure . . . the minority groups do not hold Thailand hostage,” he added.

Presumably the so-called minority groups he refers to are red shirts and perhaps, maybe, he also includes demonstrating yellow shirts. The yellow shirts, of course, have never been other than a minority group.

The red shirts, however, have been identified by the Abhisit Vejjaiva regime and its allies as being pro-Thaksin Shinawatra. On that basis, given that Thaksin and his parties won 3 elections, one of them in 2005 with a massive popular mandate, then it is clear that they cannot easily be characterized as a “minority group.” It is as a propagandist that Panitan takes this position.

But who makes up the minority that really holds Thailand “hostage”? Perhaps a better expression is: “Who is the minority that controls Thailand as their own?”

The answer is clear. It isn’t the Democrat Party that has never been elected with more than a minority of votes. It isn’t the military, for it is the tool of the minority. The Democrat Party are the political representatives of an elite of Sino-Thai capitalists, including the monarchy, that have long considered Thailand and its resources, natural and human, as theirs to use and enrich themselves. To facilitate this, they seek to control politics through the royalist party.

This is the real and tiny elite that holds Thailand hostage.



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