DSI claims it is not the Abhisit regime’s political police

14 03 2011

What is surprising about this story is that the Department of Special Investigations’ s boss Tharit Pengdit has found it necessary to deny that his force is what it is: the political police for the Abhisit Vejjajiva regime.

In The Nation, Tharit states: “I have been working here for nine years, I can say the DSI does not serve politics…. The DSI is a public service, not the government’s, nor the opposition’s.”

Any reasonable observer would not be surprised by this claim. Tharit and the DSI have repeatedly indicated their partisanship and such a statement is almost a confirmation of the DSI’s political police role.

But Tharit goes on: “I insist we work straight-forwardly and it’s difficult to dominate us.” His evidence for not being a political tool is stated:

Our initial investigation that found out that soldiers were involved in the death of 13 people during the protest last May can clearly prove that we are not a tool or take one side. Do you think the military will be happy that we do the case? We work amid the likes and the dislikes. (There are both people who like and dislike us.) Another case is the “share concealment part two” when we dropped the case against Thaksin and Pojaman.

Regular readers will make their own judgment, but it is noticeable that the DSI chief is not asked about DSI’s roles in lese majeste, computer crimes or as a member of the Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situations. An easy interview for sure, but still revealing of Tharit’s political position and his ambitions if read in full.



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16 03 2011
DSI claims it is not the Abhisit regime's political police …

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16 03 2011
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DSI claims it is not the Abhisit regime's political police ……

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