DSI seeks to punish Jatuporn

18 03 2011

PPT was going to add this report from The Nation as an update to our earlier post headlined “Suthep’s claims.” However, we think it is more significant than an update as it clearly indicates the political nature of the Department of Special Investigation, its remarkably tight relationship with the Abhisit Vejjajiva government and the importance the regime attaches to silencing critics.

Even for this regime, it is striking, revealing and remarkable that immediately following the censure debate, the political police at the DSI have decided to “file three more charges against Pheu Thai Party MP Jatuporn Promphan related to his debate during the censure showdown against the government.”

DSI boss and former member of the  Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situations, Tharit Pengdit has declared that DSI investigators had reached what he called a “unanimous decision to add three more charges against Jatuporn.” Jatuporn is accused of “falsifying [an] official document because he selectively quoted from DSI reports during the debate.”

Related to the first charge, the second is that Jatuporn will be “charged with spying on and disclosing classified documents of a government agency.” He is also to be charged with “framing others with intent to have them wrongly face criminal charges.”

PPT is staggered by all of this. Yes, even after all that has happened and all the lies told and the venality of the DSI, this item still stuns us. It is simply amazing to see these political police jump to the defense of their bosses in ways that seem so blatant and banal.  If “selectively quoting” is now a crime in Thailand, the jails will be overflowing in a week! Oops, no they won’t, for this is simply political assassination at the behest of the regime and its backers.

Double standards are back on the political agenda and absolutely and stunningly clear.




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18 03 2011
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21 03 2011
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21 03 2011
21 03 2011
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6 01 2012
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