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26 03 2011

It may come as a surprise for some to see the Bangkok Post reporting criticism of the judiciary. After all, those who criticize the  judiciary have been warned that they face jail. The critics reported in the Post maintain, with PPT, that “injustice and inequality remain the norm in Thai society…”. Of course, the Ministry of Justice thinks things are not so grim.

Somkiat (Bangkok Post)

One of the critics is an orthodox economist. Somkiat Tangkitvanich, the vice president of the Thailand Development Research Institute, who says the “justice system but it was inefficient.” He also referred to the fact  that “people did not have equal access to the justice system…”.

Goodness, could this be even lead to a view that double standards are common? Partly, it seems, as he adds that: “The cases in which the poor are wrongdoers are judged quickly while those of the rich proceed slowly…”.

Somkiat also refers to another important issue: Thailand’s judicial system is “overloaded.” True, but judges have been under-worked as well, mainly because they have been lazy and corrupt.


Secretary-general of the Human Rights and Development Foundation Somchai Hormlaor does go to double standards, when he observes that “criticism of double standards in the justice system reflected injustice in Thailand.” He added that the justice system and law “did not bring about fairness and well-being for ordinary people.”

Somchai is moving quite a distance in political terms and deserves credit for this. He adds: “If justice existed, the courts would not accept a coup and any law that coup makers issued because that severely violates the constitution which is the highest law.” In the report, he also notes that “the prisons were occupied by the poor who had no access to justice…”.

For the first time in several years, we have to agree with Somchai and congratulate him for his willingness to identify real and long-standing issues and problems.




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