More incentives to vote for the royalist party

28 03 2011

Bloomberg reports that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has “promised policies to help families cope with rising fuel and food costs that threaten to undermine his party’s gains ahead of this year’s national elections.”

Abhisit claims that the Democrat Party “leads in every region of the country except for the northeast…” and yet he says he wants to “put money in people’s pockets so that they can cope with rising prices…. Families are struggling despite the economic recovery to keep up with prices, and it’s better to have a government with a fresh mandate to really tackle them.” Perhaps this is because “Abhisit’s performance rating dropped in February, according to a survey by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University…”.

The government has been working incessantly on providing “subsidies for fuel and electricity and price controls on consumer products including cooking oil, detergent and fertilizer.” As well as promising a huge boost in the official minimum wage and a business tax reduction, Abhisit has just pledged to raise pay rates for state enterprise employees by 5% on 1 April.

Additionally, Abhisit has “offered cash to the elderly, crop price guarantees and help in dealing with loan sharks to win over rural voters…”. The royalist elite seem convinced that these costly and populist policies can win them an election, especially when combined with repression, censorship and the support of Sino-Thai tycoons and the military.



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