Royalism and Songkhran

28 03 2011

PPT may just have missed this seepage of royalism, but Hello! magazine’s website tells us this (with their bolding kept):

The monarchy is a fundamental facet of Thai life, and King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the world’s longest-serving monarch, having come to the throne in 1946. This year’s Songkran will honour and pay particular homage to the king, and numerous special ceremonies have been organised in Bangkok and throughout the country. Songkran is celebrated in a similar fashion all around Thailand, but there are regional differences with local folk traditions playing an important part.

Note the “fundamental facet” claim. When did Songkhran become a celebration of the king and monarchy? Is this just more royalist propaganda? Or is it part of the royalist project of taking over all space that might be considered associated with red shirts or, more broadly, the masses?



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