Life a drag for royals

2 04 2011

The Nation had an interesting account of an interview with Princess Chulabhorn a few days ago.

She tells us that “Life as royalty is not a fairy tale for princes and princesses but is full of hard work serving the people…”. Right… The poor dear has worked herself into a lather of perspiration “serving the people.”

Chulabhorn explained that she had attempted to “emulate Their Majesties the King and Queen, and how she dealt with malicious rumours.” So she’s gone on television to tell the “true” story of the sad royal:

When faced with rumours not linked to her, she said she ignored them…. She said she heeded constructive remarks as guidelines for her self-improvement.

This may reflect the spike in rumors regarding her health and being in a wheelchair following a “fall.”

She also made a revealing comment when she said she felt that: “Many young people might not be aware of the royal activities, hence they were making wrong assumptions about the King and Queen.” Chulabhorn says that, as in the propaganda, her mum and dad “set a good example in working tirelessly for the people…”. That she thinks the young don’t accept this propaganda is telling.



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