Anti-lese majeste action

5 04 2011

There’s a lot of struggle developing over lese majeste. Given the previously taboo nature of the topic, this is an important development. Most significantly, at least in the PPT perspective, is the more organized approach to demanding that something be done about this political law that imprisons hundreds.

PPT noted the Article 112 awareness campaign in a recent post. In a Prachatai story, some “35 democratic groups in Thailand and abroad have aggregated to set up Democracy Networks (DNs) to launch campaigns and activities to call for the cancellation of Article 112 and the freeing of 220 Thai prisoners who have been charged under the lèse majestè law.” To PPT, 220 political prisoners may even be on the low side!

From Prachatai

This group seems to want to do the right thing: abolish lese majeste! “One of the planned activities is to expand the anti-112 network to local areas across Thailand to seek more allies to cooperate and jointly sign the petition for the cancellation of the article.”

In a forum discussing lese majeste, the case of political prisoners, including Surachai (Sae Dan) Danwatananusorn was raised. Troublingly, his wife stated: “that her husband’s mental condition was good, but his physical condition was not good because of his age and the environment in the prison. Surachai’s latest petition asking for  bail has been rejected, and now he feels that he will probably never be released. His wife said that her husband had written a will and given it to her in case he died in prison.”

There needs to be urgent and concerted action on all lese majeste cases. International action is vital to getting rid of this law that has imprisoned so many and that censors a nation. Surachai’s case deserves far more media attention than it has received to date.



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6 04 2011
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