Updated: Coup rumors deepen

5 04 2011

TAN Network reports on continuing and deepening rumors of a coup in Thailand, with a heady mix of prime minister, deputy PM, Thaksin Shinawatra, the Army and the Election Commission all mentioned.

Worth reading to keep up with the intra-elite struggle on elections.

Meanwhile, this at The Nation:

Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha guaranteed Monday that the military would do nothing to prevent the next election from taking place.

He said the military would do nothing after the election either.

“How could the military do anything. An election will take place in line with democracy,” Prayuth said.

Asked whether it was possible for the next coalition government to be formed in a military camp, Prayuth said: “No. The military will not get involved in forming of a government.”

Army bosses seem never to change their tune until they think a coup could work. But what if he works with others to come up with a “smart coup”? There are ways to get rid of elected leaders without putting tanks on the street, as has been demonstrated in recent years.

Update: The Thai Report has a great list of coup denials in recent weeks.



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