Prem again mounts the political stage

12 04 2011

The Bangkok Post lets us know that the 91-year old Privy Council President, General Prem Tinsulanonda, is back on the public political stage, seeking to influence the course of events in Thailand. Prem represents the monarchy. Of course, this is not new politics. It is simply that Prem is being public about his political preferences.

Bangkok Post photo

The report tells us that the chief of the royalist wing “has boosted the morale of military and police officers working to ease the country’s continuing unrest.” In other words, he supports the military and police in their ongoing repression of the red shirts and other opponents of the royalist elite.

Prem “opened his Si Sao Thewes residence yesterday to accept Songkran wellwishers for the first time in two years.” This makes his message especially significant. He was “attended”, a bit like a minor royal, by the “commanders of all the armed forces – army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha, navy commander Kamthorn Phumhiran, and air force chief Itthaporn Subhawong – extended their wishes.”National police chief Wichien Potposri was also there to see the aging boss.

Prem cheered them: “I have been observing the armed forces’ performance and I’m aware that in all these years they have exerted dedication and effort to serve the nation and monarchy well…”. He exhorted: “I wish all of your good deeds and sacrifices for the country and fellow citizens be recognised by the Thai people.”

Police General Wichean “admitted that although divisions in Thai society may have affected national security, police officers would protect the monarchy and strive to solve the country’s problems with all their might.” Prem seems impressed that the police leadership is now unequivocally royalist under Wichean.

The monarchy is now the center of political disputation and the royalist push for the Democrat Party to continue in government.



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