RWB on DSI and its fantasy investigation

15 04 2011

Reporters Without Borders has issued a statement that

deplores Department of Special Investigation director-general Tharit Pengdit’s suggestion that the investigation into Japanese cameraman Hiroyuki Muramoto’s death could be “delegated” to his employer, the Reuters news agency.

This twist in the political police agency’s “strategy” that shifts blame from the state and its soldiers to anybody else is deplorable. Tharit makes a statement about Reuters being able to get better tip-offs than the DSI. Indeed, there may be some truth in this as many see the DSI as hopelessly politically compromised, not least by Tharit’s former position in the Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situations that oversaw the military’s murderous crackdown on protesters in April and May 2010.

RWB states:

The DSI’s proposal shows that the Thai government is refusing to identify those who were responsible for Muramoto’s death…. A government that respects the rule of law has an obligation to establish the truth and to ensure that justice is done.

That’s the point really. This government has repeatedly shown that it does not respect the rule of law. In fact, it uses blatantly political laws to repress political opponents and to entrench its power.

The statement adds:

Reporters Without Borders recognizes the importance of cooperation between Reuters and the authorities in charge of the investigation but cannot accept any attempt by the DSI to offload its responsibility.



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