Abhisit joins the campaign accusing red shirts of lese majeste

18 04 2011

Confirming that lese majeste is a part of the royalist regime’s election strategy, the Bangkok Post reports that Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has joined the bandwagon accusing red shirt leaders and the Puea Thai Party of disloyalty.

It seems that Abhisit has “lese majeste fever,” the source of which is still being traced, but one parliamentarian who stands accused of lese majeste claims it is from Privy Council President General Prem Tinsulanonda.

Abhisit goes a step further by wanting to add a new regulation, to be issued by the Election Commission, “banning politicians from mentioning the monarchy in political debates.”

Abhisit says: “[By law] the monarchy is above politics and no party should bring the royal institution into political conflicts. Those who violate the law must face legal action.” Apparently, he has already asked the Election Commission to “protect the monarchy from being dragged into politics.”

Making a regulation that prohibits politicians even mentioning the monarchy would be a huge expansion of the lese majeste repression that is already in place. PPT can only imagine that claims that a politician spoke of the monarchy would be subject to closed door hearings, with the statements not detailed (as repeating the statement might constitute lese majeste), and electoral red cards being issued against (mostly) opposition politicians. What a boon for the Democrat Party and their allies!

Of course, seemingly unaware that he is committing just the breach he accuses others of, the premier then says that “some politicians and parties are suspected of being involved in activities deemed as offensive to the monarchy.” Yep, that’s right, the very thing he complains of he does himself! Now, Abhisit is not a buffoon, so the message is clear on who is being targeted and why: the red shirts and Puea Thai Party.



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18 04 2011
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