Democrat MP jumps on the lese majeste bandwagon

19 04 2011

The Bangkok Post reports that Democrat Party member of parliament Watchara Petthong has “filed a lese majeste complaint against Puea Thai MP Manit Jitjanklab with the Crime Suppression Division.” His claim is that Manit made remarks Watchara considered “offensive to the monarchy” during the Truth Today political talk show broadcast on 13 April 2010. He provided a video a]of the show as evidence.

Watchara was last mentioned at PPT when he got twisted out of shape over the Amsterdam & Peroff “White Paper,” on the violence of April and May 2010, and called for charges against those involved with the report Watchara said was “offensive to the monarchy and the courts.”

Watchara is another self-appointed “protector” of the monarchy who emerges at exactly when lese majeste is being used to thrash political opponents.



One response

12 10 2011
Democrat Party continues to bang the lese majeste drum | Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] in Bangkok“. In fact, it was Watchara who made the complaint. (See PPT’s earlier post on another lese majeste complaint by the same Democrat Party […]

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