Amsterdam and Peroff on the run-up to elections

22 04 2011

Amsterdam & Peroff, lawyers for both Thaksin Shinawatra and the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship, have issued via Robert Amsterdam’s website, what it says is “the first installment in a new series of reports to be released to ahead of the 2011 General Elections in Thailand.”  A full PDF version of the report (17 pages) is available. It is also at this site. PPT hasn’t read it all yet, but the section from the preface and introduction at Amsterdam’s site is interesting.

The report’s title is “Puppetmasters: Elections As Instruments of Military Rule” and it begins with an observation that “the competitiveness and fairness of the [electoral] process are being undermined in many … ways.” The report points out that any election will “take place in a context of intimidation and repression, coupled with the continuing efforts by most of the institutions of the Thai state to secure a victory for the Democrat Party.”

These are points PPT has made in several posts. Amsterdam & Peroff promise that its new series of reports will detail “the attempts by Thailand’s Establishment to fix the results of the upcoming general elections. This report — the first in the series — focuses on the Royal Thai Army’s effort to protect its dominant position in Thailand’s political life by manufacturing a victory at the ballot box for the Democrat Party. As usual, fraud and intimidation are the generals’ stock-in-trade.”



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