Joe Gordon denied bail in lese majeste case

14 06 2011

U.S. citizen Joseph Gordon (Thai name Lerpong Wichaikhammat) was denied bail by the court when he appeared on 13 June. According to Prachatai, “his lawyer and family of petitioned the Criminal Court for bail, citing the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and his urgent need of medical treatment for high blood pressure and gout.”

The court dismissed the request because “the offences damage the reputation of the revered monarchy and the investigators have objected to bail, and so it believes that the suspect, if granted bail, will tamper with evidence.”

PPT can only gape at the increasing stupidity of the courts in providing reasons for locking people up on lese majeste charges. The courts are getting as bizarre as the Department of Special Investigation and are equally politicized.

Another appeal is expected, and unless the U.S. Embassy gets of its collective large posterior, PPT thinks that Joe is locked up until he agrees to plead guilty, gets sentenced and then awaits some kind of pardon from the heavenly ones. We expect that this is the only deal the U.S. Embassy is willing to countenance given its embrace of royals as a supposed act of foreign policy. For a take on this, see Andrew Spooner at Prachatai or Asian Provocateur.




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