30 06 2011

There have been several revelations in short reports in the media. Here are a couple that are of interest. Readers can decide which are likely to be most accurate:

1. Snipers are different: Referring to earlier reports, the Army’s spokesman Colonel Sansern Kaewkamnerd has managed to come up with his usual denials while also being revealing about the state’s snipers: “However, there were issues that needed to be understood regarding snipers. As the Army has already explained, Col Sansern said, operating troops who were in charge of protection are different from snipers, because snipers have to be deployed in covert places and are tasked with shooting targets as assigned. But the ‘protective troops’ under the command of the Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situation were not deployed in covert places, and they were visible. These troops included gunners and patrols guarding their areas to prevent anyone from using war weapons to hurt innocent people and troops. The tasks of these troops and snipers are very different.” PPT assumes that he means the snipers were assigned the task of killing. Who controlled them? Who ordered the killing?

2. Abhisit Vejjajiva is the elite’s puppet: Okay, many will have already considered this to be true. However, these words, from an Abhisit supporter appear to provide confirmation: “Like many Democrat [Party element]’s, Kraisak [Choonhavan] worries about what lies in store for Abhisit should his political opponents triumph at the polls. ‘Abhisit was probably one of the best prime ministers we’ve had, and the establishment used him and now they’re going to throw him away,’ Kraisak said.” Teflon Mark the face of the royalist elite becomes Disposable Mark for his ill-fated decision to prove his personal legitimacy via the ballot box?

3. Puea Thai to form government/a deal has been done: PPT recently posted on the pessimism of some political pundits. Most commentators are expecting trouble if and when there is a Puea Thai government. But not Shawn Crispin at Asia Times. He’s always big on deep intelligence from unnamed sources claimed to be intelligence officials, close to the palace and/or with military connections. In this case, these sources lead him to believe that there have been “High-level secret talks between Thailand’s royal palace, military and self-exiled former premier Thaksin Shinawatra point towards a stable outcome to this Sunday’s highly anticipated election.” Of course, there are caveats in the story, but Crispin seems to buy the claims.

4. Thai soldiers intimidate Puea Thai voters: “Four Thai soldiers have been arrested in the northeast of Thailand for allegedly intimidating opposition activists ahead of a general election at the weekend, police said Wednesday. The arrests came after Puea Thai party canvassers complained the troops drove to their villages in Nakhon Ratchasima province and told them not to get involved in politics…”. We await the Army spokesman’s expected denial.