Bangkok 19 and lese majeste

6 07 2011

The Nation reports that the Department of Special Investigation has “agreed to postpone the indictment of 19 red-shirt leaders … for lese majeste and sedition in connection with Jatuporn [Promphan]’s April 2 rally speech.” The nation means 10 April and this refers to the Bangkok 19.

DSI’s director general Tharit Pengdit, for two years the Democrat Party-led government’s chief political policeman, stated: “The defence has sought and received the DSI’s permission for addition time to collect evidence for rebuttals…”. He added that the “indictment date would be rescheduled within a month. Even though Jatuporn and [the] other seven of 19 suspects have been elected as MPs…, the legal proceedings would continue despite their parliamentary immunity…”.

PPT would hope that Tharit is removed as soon as possible and there is an investigation into the politicized nature of the DSI under Tharit. Like others associated with CRES and the brutal events of April and May 2010, Tharit’s role needs to be scrutinized.





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