Plane seizure/Blame Thaksin!

18 07 2011

Whenever the monarchy is involved, the yellow ones seem to be able to come up with the idea of let’s blame Thaksin Shinawatra. So while PPT should have been ready for it, we were surprised to receive a couple of Democrat Party and PAD-courced emails that reckoned it was all another plot by Thaksin to discredit the monarchy.

Now, in previous times, it was always claimed that Thaksin supposed to be best buddies or a funder of Prince Vajiralongkorn, so this new rumor only makes sense for the nearly bonkers amongst the yellow crowd.

Even so, one of Thaksin’s lawyers has been forced to deny involvement. This is from Robert Amsterdam’s site:

In the week since Thailand’s Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn’s 737 airplane was seized by the German authorities, there have been numerous rumor-based attempts to link me directly to this matter, with claims that I played some role in the aircraft being impounded.

Let me be completely unequivocal on this matter – such fabricated allegations are utterly absurd and have no basis in fact. This kind of rumor-mongering is the product of the over-active imaginations of those who seem unable to let go of the ‘old politics’ that have dominated Thailand since 2006. These persons, who feel far more comfortable with top-down governance against the democratic will of the people, are the same people who are used to dwelling in the darkest gutters of Thai politics, preferring to rely on falsity and fabrication to smear and defame others rather than deal with evidence-based truths.

In any case, it seems the prince is taking no chances with his assets in Germany. An AFP report states:

Thailand’s crown prince has taken measures to prevent his Mercedes being impounded in Germany after his aircraft was seized at Munich airport last week, the Bild am Sonntag weekly said Sunday.

Maha Vajiralongkorn, heir to the throne, has “hidden” his Mercedes SLK sportscar in a private parking space of a luxury Munich hotel in southern Germany where it is being watched over by 10 bodyguards, the paper said.

The 58-year-old, currently spending his time picking strawberries in the area, has also had the car’s Thai number plates removed and replaced with diplomatic ones, the paper added, without saying where it got the information. [This is wrong, for he is in Bangkok, or was a day or so ago.]

We wonder if the loyal Thai taxpayer foots the bill for the car and guards?



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