Somyos and lese majeste nastiness

25 07 2011

PPT has received this report from a long-time reader:

On Monday 25 July, following the full 84-day incarceration permitted under the law, activist red shirt Somyos Pruksakasemsuk was taken from the Bangkok Remand Prison to be read the lese majeste charge that will now be taken through the courts.

Somyos was taken to the court with little warning. At the court he was kept not in the basement cells but in a room adjacent to the cells. While this prevented any journalist seeing him, his son and some supporters did spend some time with him.

Somyos reportedly called for international pressure to be brought on the government to allow him bail to adequately fight his case.

As with many lese majeste cases, it is clear that Somyos’ refusal to plead guilty is going to be used to delay his case and to keep him incarcerated as long as possible. This form of mental and physical torture is meant to grind down resistance and ensure either a guilty plea or a very long trial and an even longer imprisonment. It may be another 8-12 months before Somyos has a day in court. His lawyer will lodge yet another bail application soon. Of course, the chances of success are very slim.

Meanwhile, at the Bangkok Remand Prison, Joe Gordon has had bail refused again and Surachai Sae Dan (Surachai Danwattananusorn) has been taken off for medical attention for a persistent cough that is debilitating. Little sympathy is shown by the powers that be for any of those charged with lese majeste.

There is no justice when lese majeste is involved.



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29 07 2011
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