Army’s zeppelin crashes

11 08 2011

We can’t resist another short post on the Army’s ill-fated airship. It has crashed.

Okay, it was a controlled emergency landing, with damage to the craft, but to most observers, that’s a crash. The Bangkok Post has the story. This story of failure and hopelessnesshas gone on for a considerable time. Money down a rat hole as the so-called Sky Dragon seems to be more or less unusable.

When the Sky Dragon was inflated and operated

Following the three helicopter crashes, it is really time to ask why the Army gets sniper training when it needs more training in how to operate and maintain its equipment for “normal” military operations. This Army has never been about normal military activities. It’s role, and the one it revels in, is repressing its citizenry and maintaining a corrupt social order.



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12 08 2011
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