A follow-up on Viktor Bout

26 08 2011

Some readers may recall earlier posts here (for the alleged royal connection), here and here. The involvement of a Democrat Party politician was never explained. There was also some Wikileaks traffic.

The latest report in the New York Times adds some interesting details on Thailand. The story is of a judge deciding that “that certain statements Mr. Bout made after his 2008 arrest in a sting operation in Thailand cannot be used at trial.”

The judge said “that statements Mr. Bout made were ‘not voluntary,’ and she questioned the credibility of two Drug Enforcement Administration officers who interrogated Mr. Bout…”. She also stated that “The judge concluded that, contrary to testimony, the agents had been aware of the Thai police’s refusal after Mr. Bout’s arrest to grant him access to legal counsel and to a representative of the Russian embassy.”

The judge “credited the defense team’s assertion that the agents had threatened Mr. Bout, insinuating that he would face ‘disease, hunger, heat and rape’ in Thai jails, where he would face abandonment if he failed to cooperate with the American agents.”





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