Updated: Suthep and the use of live rounds against red shirts

26 08 2011

Suthep and friends

PPT missed this story at Thai-ASEAN Network when it came out. A link in a Bangkok Pundit post brought it to our attention, and it is worth citing in full for the light it throws on former Democrat Party Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban as a politicians, the nature of the “security operation” against red shirts on 10 April 2010, and the lies that have been told:

The Tell-Tale Heart

Tuesday, August 09, 2011 12:00 AM

Finally, former deputy prime minister for security and one-time head of the Center for the Resolution of Emergency Situation (CRES) Suthep Thaugsuban has admitted that a leaked document showing that the center had ordered security officers to use live rounds during last year’s protests is in fact authentic. This is important as it may be the first time the usually tenacious politician has conceded to such a controversial revelation. The acceptance also highlights another defining characteristic of Suthep.

Ahead of his final submission, the outgoing secretary-general of the Democrat party lashed out at the press for ‘distorting’ the documents to paint the nation’s security authorities in a negative light. He pointed out that the documents disseminated by the press omitted the dates they were drafted in an effort to imply that they were premature. This is demonstrably untrue. In the spread found in Khao Sod Newspaper, the three pages of the CRES order clearly are dated April 10 and 13. The print even bares a caption indicating that the pages are dated. Even if the display was ‘distorted’, it was not done in the way the former deputy premier so angrily claimed.

Today, other members of the security sector have come out to confirm that an order was issued for soldiers and police to load their guns with live ammunition, surely forcing Suthep’s own admission. Whether or not the uncovering is condemning to security authorities however, is a separate issue. Even with the pages known to the public, arguments can still be made as to whether the command was justified. It can still be debated whether the protests of April 2010 warranted the use of live rounds and it is still under investigation as to whether authorities on the scene used excessive force in dealing with protesters. There is not even a consensus as to the causes of the close to 100 deaths from the episode.

What is known now is that there are high level officials, such as Suthep Thaugsuban, ready to irrationally defend their decisions and ‘distort’ the truth. It is now proven that even when faced with the facts, there are those that will wiggle and squirm their way from accountability. It is now known that even before judgment is cast, Thailand’s powerful are anticipating the worse and acting in guilt.

A reader sent PPT two PDFs of pages of the order referred to above, see here and here.



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