Joe Gordon writes to President Obama

31 08 2011

PPT found this at Thai e-News. It is presented as it appears at that site:

Dear President Obama :

I am writing to you as a matter of life and dead from jail in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thai authority charges me with lese “ majeste” and computer crime laws. The Thai government uses these laws to target activists , scholars, journalists, authors and politicians and sentence them to decade in prison on multiple charges.

I cannot fight my case against the Thai justice system alone. Because, the system is corrupted , bias, and violated human rights. Therefor, there is no fair treatment. For example, my case, by detaining me and not allowing bail. Beside, I feel sad to see our freedom of expression has been insulted, punished, and degraded by the third world country like Thailand.

I would like to ask all Americans to stand up, support, and defence our “proud” U.S.constitutions freedom of expression that the Thai government does not respect. American government should protest and condemn Thailand for using this abusive laws as a tool to protect the royal institution from criticism, especially, my case in American soil. And, demands Thailand to release me from jail immediately.

God bless you , God bless America.


Joe Gordon

Bangkok Jail, Thailand



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