Yellow shirt re-branding

2 09 2011

Earlier in the week the  media reported that elements of the yellow shirts continue to re-brand. We have already seen yellow-shirt demonstrators opposing red shirts become no color/multi-color demonstrators led by the re-branded People’s Alliance for Democracy acolyte, airport occupation speaker and representative Tul Sitthisomwong.

During the election, as PAD pushed its failed No Vote campaign, the link between its New Politics Party and much of PAD’s core leadership collapsed as the NPP decided to stand candidates in the election.

The Bangkok Post now reports the outcome of that latter split. It reveals that a so-called Green Politics group has been “formed by 10 former executives of the New Politics Party [and] has pledged to oppose Pheu Thai’s move to rewrite the charter.” It adds:

The Green members are among those that believe the charter rewrite is a bid to help ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra return to the country.

Nothing new at all in this. It could be coming from ASTV/Manager, Sondhi Limthongkul or any of the major PAD ideologues. The only difference seems to be in the name and color, although no one at the launch wore green or yellow.

It is not surprising that the launch was the establishment of the group at the National Institute of Development Administration, a bastion of yellow-shirted academics and anti-Thaksin sentiment.

The group was led by PAD core leader Suriyasai Katasila, said to be “among those who resigned from the NPP, said his new group would not let the Pheu Thai-led government help Thaksin return to the country without serving a prison sentence.” He added that he ooposed red shirts and that “his group would also oppose any amnesty for Thaksin.” Suriyasai stated that this re-branding was “supported by two other PAD core leaders, Sondhi Limthongkul and Maj Gen Chamlong Srimuang…”.

Having failed with the NPP, Suriyasai and PAD seem determined to have another go at developing a political party. This seems a bit odd as the group involved has little widespread support. Odder still is Suriya’s muddled logic where, after having expressed an anti-Puea Thai, anti-Thaksin position for his group, he states: “We have to go beyond Thaksin. Don’t let him be the barrier of political reform.” If readers can see a logic in this, let us know.

And, why “green”? This is unclear, except that the NPP’s Swastika-like logo had a green background. Suriyasai did mumble something about expanding “to include PAD supporters, environmental activists and farmers’ groups…”.

One web site explains that re-branding is often done because “the current brand has been tainted in some way or has become outdated.” It seems this is what PAD is doing. Certainly it seems to be setting itself for yet another battle with Thaksin and those who support him.



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