Suthep’s unoffical meetings that weren’t secret and the non-existing company he will divest

5 09 2011

PPT just loved this story from MCOT News simply because of its Pythonesque silliness.

Former deputy prime minister Suthep Thaugsuban has again denied claims that he held secret talks with Cambodian officials about offshore oil and gas claims. This time, the claim came from the Cambodian National Petroleum Authority.

Suthep and Hun Sen in a happy mood after the former had explained the intricacies of logical positivism*

Suthep “explained” that, yes, he had talks Cambodian deputy prime minister Sok An who contacted him for unofficial meetings, but said these weren’t secret talks. They weren’t secret because after the unofficial talks, he “reported the outcome to concerned agencies, with about 30 to 40 people being informed of the meeting results…”. So the unofficial talks could not have been secret talks, even if nobody knew about them in advance and there were no public reports of the meetings afterwards.

With him so far? It gets better.

Following allegations that Suthep and others had set up an energy investment firm, “Suthep asserted he has never invested in any energy business with anyone, while urging those who have evidence that he formed such a company to disclose the details.”

Suthep then added that he was “willing to divest the business for public benefit if it was found that he had such a business.”

That would be the company that can’t possibly exist because it was never established. But if someone finds a non-existent company, he will divest.

We’ll just leave it there for the moment and open out copy of Logic for Dummies.

*For those interested in the reference to logical positivism, see here.



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